MaryAnne Leighton has worked with a wide range of individuals and organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand. Below are just some of the testimonials people have offered about her Large Animal Rescue workshops, presentations and demonstrations, and her book Equine Emergency Rescue: a guide to Large Animal Rescue:

“I have waited years to meet you and listen to your presentations.”

Attendee at Equidays, New Zealand 2017

“This was the best workshop of any description that I’ve ever attended.”

Bob McKinnon, Team Leader Animal Biosecurity and Welfare, North West Local Land Services, Tamworth

”MaryAnne has been pivotal in not only bringing Large Animal Rescue to Australia, but she continues to do amazing work every day. She has given me amazing support and information from day one. Quite literally, she wrote the book on large animal rescue.“

Ian Porter, Melbourne Fire Brigade

“I just want to say that your presentation and demonstrations were one of the best that I have ever attended. Thank you.”

Dr Adrian C. Bryant, large animal veterinarian

“Most training courses we go to are boring but your workshop is brilliant!”

Errol Younger, Queensland Fire and Rescue Service Mackay

“Recently, members of the Boneo Rural Fire Brigade (CFA) had the opportunity to participate in a Large Animal Rescue Workshop, sponsored by Mornington Peninsula Equine Landcare Group and run by MaryAnne Leighton. This workshop provided participants not only with practical advice on technical rescue techniques, but more importantly, a remarkable insight into equine behaviour and psychology. I highly recommend this workshop to any emergency service personnel, and to those involved in the care and transport of horses. Not only may it save the life of a trapped animal, it will surely reduce the risk of serious injury or even death to first responders.”

Captain David R Fontana RN, MACN, Officer-In-Charge, Boneo Rural Fire Brigade

“Rescuing horses is not our core business but we need to know what to do.”

Fabian Stangherlin, First Officer, Greenbank Rural Fire Brigade

“I’ve seen a lot of presentations in my lifetime but was really impressed with this one. Congratulations.”

Fiona Strachan, President Jimboomba Equine Carriage Club

“I will not allow my animal control rangers to attend to a trapped large animal unless they have done MaryAnne’s Large Animal Rescue training.”

Mark Duncan, Supervisor – Pest & Animal Management, Scenic Rim Regional Council

“Thank you for inviting us, it was well worthwhile. It was also well presented and laid out with regard to incident control.”

Darren Gracie, Station Manager, Queensland Fire and Rescue Service Mackay

“MaryAnne, once again thank you for the training you delivered yesterday. Interesting. Relevant. Credible. Your comments on managing the scene were spot on. What is the process for getting you to Northern NSW to deliver this training?”

Andrew Biddle, District Veterinarian, Northern Tablelands Local Land Services

“Your workshop is well put together and has great impact.”

Dave Hall, large animal veterinarian

“It was an excellent workshop. I got heaps from it, much I would never had thought about unless shown, and also the hammering home of personal safety. I was impressed at the turnout.”

David Ferrar, RSPCA Inspector Mackay

“The workshop was very confronting, but necessary…what you are doing will save other animals in the future.”

Bettina Pittman, SES

“Every horse owner needs the information in this book for their own safety and that of their horse. When you have to call fire/rescue/police you need to know how to help them – this book shows you how.”

Dr Rebecca Gimenez Husted, Primary Instructor/President, Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue, USA

“On behalf of ATHRA, thank you! This was a most informative and educational workshop for horse clubs, QFRS, SES and RSPCA.”

Merrilyn Green, ATHRA Regional Manager Mackay

“Thanks for a wonderful day. We learnt heaps and are still talking about it!”

Paul Beelaerts, Mt Tamborine Rural Fire Brigade

“This book is a valuable resource for anyone involved in a Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue. It is also a great guide for establishing a safe scene before the arrival of the emergency services. Keep one in your truck or towing vehicle at all times.”

Anthony Hatch, NSW Fire and Rescue and SES

“I loved the workshop. I consider it profoundly important and thank you so much for your expertise, passion and care.”

Debbie Dennien, horse owner, Kingaroy

“I thoroughly recommend this workshop to anyone with horses but especially to rescue and emergency people. Thanks for putting it on.”

David Bartholomeusz, equine vet

“This book should be read and understood by all designated emergency responders, equine veterinarians and horse owners.”

Reg R Pascoe AM. BVSc. DVSc. FACVSc. FRCVS. Equine Veterinarian

“MaryAnne, so many people in the Inspectorate have gone over the book you left for me and can’t wait to get a copy of their own. Thanks heaps for bringing it into our lives!”

Debbie Roden, RSPCA NSW Inspector

“I edit books in my spare time and I just wanted to say that I was very impressed with yours. Not just the content, which is excellent, but the layout and formatting too, which make for a very readable publication.”

Carol Stephens, Rockmount

“A captivating workshop – relevant and engaging. As both a vet of 10 years and a horse owner of 30 years I learnt lots of valuable information.”

Lizzie Jensen, veterinarian

“If anyone gets a chance to attend the Large Animal Rescue Roadshow workshop, I highly recommend it. You never know when you might need such valuable information, not just for your horse’s sake, but also to help keep yourself safe in dangerous situations.” 

Tracy Dunn

“Congratulations! All your hard work is obviously paying off and you deserve any credit coming your way. My other ten people who bought copies of  your book have all commented very positively (though I must say I cringe when I see the photo of the poor dear creature who was pulled out of the float by her tail – I cannot believe anyone could be so stupid. Common sense alone would tell you not to.”

Jan Dodds

Equine Emergency Rescue

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