Equine Emergency Rescue A guide to Large Animal Rescue

“This book could save your horse’s life!”

Every horse, no matter how quiet or well educated, has the potential to become involved in an emergency incident and need to be rescued. If this were to happen to you, how confident are you that you could contribute to the rescue of your horse without further injuring him or putting your own life and the lives of others at risk?

Equine Emergency Rescue is written for horse owners, emergency responders, equine vets, RSPCA and stock inspectors, race course vets and barrier staff and anyone else who works with horses because, if emergency responders who attend an incident involving a horse do not understand horses or are unfamiliar with Large Animal Rescue techniques, this book shows them step-by-step instructions and reassures them that using these steps will increase their own safety and that of the horse.

Equine Emergency Rescue is a guide to the methods and tools necessary to successfully extricate a horse or other large animal from entrapment using low-tech, low-risk options that are easier, quicker and safer than extreme techniques using helicopters, cranes or 4WD vehicles.

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Living the Legend: the Ian Francis Story

MaryAnne Leighton’s biography of one of the world’s most accomplished horsemen follows the journey of a young man with low self esteem and no confidence through his personal growth and success in international competition to a career as a charismatic and entertaining educator.

“Every horse owner needs the information in this book for their own safety and that of their horse. When you have to call fire/rescue/police you need to know how to help them – this book shows you how.”

Dr Rebecca Gimenez, Primary Instructor/President, Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue, USA

This book is a valuable resource for anyone involved in a Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue. It is also a great guide for establishing a safe scene before the arrival of the emergency services. Keep one in your truck or towing vehicle at all times.

Anthony Hatch, NSW Fire and Rescue and SES

This book should be read and understood by all designated emergency responders, equine veterinarians and horse owners.

Reg R Pascoe AM. BVSc. DVSc. FACVSc. FRCVS. Equine Veterinarian

Equine Emergency Rescue

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